Wednesday, October 12, 2005

108 Days

And still counting....not much to say right now.
Francisco and I are both struggling with things in our lives. Not so much things between us, but things in our lives that is affecting us. Don't worry we're still good. But you can still pray.
I've kicked up working on wedding stuff a notch again...(hey did that make any sense) Since I have all the time in the world right now I figured I could. I enjoy it anyways.
Francisco is so busy he doesn't have a lot of time, but he does do most (all but one) of the printing/creating of things like inserts, programs, websites...all the stuff I'm sort of retarded at. He doesn't seem to think he's that amazing, but he just whipped up this cute little insert with a logo he created for us and then printed 6 on a page (front and back, aligned no less) with lines on the page so I could cut it straight. You'll see when we send the invites in a few weeks. It's so great! I really do love it! I made the other insert (you'll seriously be able to tell) and it just isn't up to par with Francisco's amazing work! Well, it's time for me to get ready and stuff. PEACE!

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