Friday, November 11, 2005

A visit to Palm Springs

So we didn't even post in here that we went to Palm Springs last weekend! (Silly baby, we forgot!)
Well, we did. We went to go visit his Aunt and Uncle, Alice and Dale. They were very nice and it was very nice to meet them. We spent all afternoon and a lot of the evening over there. We talked a lot, went out to eat at this great mexican resteraunt, and then went up a tram thingie to the top of this SOOOO tall mountain ... was it San Jacinto?? Or you could see San Jacinto...or something. But these things went from the bottom of this really tall mountain to the top. Something like 2.5 miles or maybe more?? It rotated 360 degrees as it climbed and you could see soooooo much!! As it went over each tower it swung a little which was scary, but really fun too. Hehehe You could see sooooo much when you were up there. And the air was really thin, but it was soooooo beautiful. It reminded me of Oregon! It smelled like Oregon and tasted like Oregon and looked like Oregon. I felt so comfortable and so at home. I wanted to just run down the concrete path to the trails and hike around for hours. I wish I had a pack, and my goats. I would have just stayed out there all night. Oh was so wonderful. I can't wait to either go back there or go back to Oregon. mmmmmmm I love that smell. *sigh* was really fun. And I totally want to go again. ummm what else? Oh I got to see a bunch of pics from Francisco's childhood ... hehehehe awwwww he's soo precious!!! Look for some in the slideshow at the wedding!

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