Tuesday, December 20, 2005

A hiccup in our plans

Grrrr I'm not a happy girl right now....
Just found out that there is a conflict for the area in the church that we'll be doing our reception. There is a day care that runs out of the church and they are having a "daddy and me" day from 9 til 1 that day. Our wedding starts at 2 and the reception was supposed to be in that reception area right afterwards. This is problem!!! Because how am I supposed to set up for the reception between 1 and 2 ... how will anyone? I know some of the people that would have the willingness to help and would do it, but those people I'm thinking of so far are already involved in the wedding. GRRR!!!!! Oh my gosh, this isn't what I needed. And NO we can't change the date?!?! whatthecrap?! 39 more days and you want us to change the date ummmm lemme think ... nope can't do it.
SO i'm praying this will just mean more stress, but it can be doable. Pray pls!

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