Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Still Working

So, I'm still working at that law office and it's still a good job. In a couple weeks I find out if they can get the corporate office to keep me on for a while longer. I hope that it works out, because that would make continuing to save a lot easier on Francisco and me. It's such a nice feeling to see our savings account filling up and being able to pay all our bills when they arrive instead of 2 or 3 days late. Our money fights have lessoned quite a bit as well. Though we still have trouble meshing our ways of organizing our finances together.
In a couple weeks I'm also hoping to do my 45hours of volunteer time at George Washington Elementary school. That is also a part of the application process. I'm excited, because George Washington Elementary is a Deaf/Hard of Hearing Mainstream school. I hope it's a experience for me!
Well, I should proably get back to work. Though I'm sleepy again today. Bleck I had a weird dream about my daughter (no I don't have a daughter:P). Strangely enough? She looked a lot like I did when I was younger! haha Weird!

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