Thursday, August 16, 2007

I've failed before I've even started

So I've had a couple meetings for my new job and each one I was late. I know, I friggen know I have problems with time, but all except one meeting she sounded like it was a flexable time frame. So I just got there in a round about time. The last meeting I left in enough time, but got lost. So I was 6 minutes late. Mind you I haven't actually started working yet, so I'm not being paid.
But I get an email saying rather serious stuff about me being late. And I'm so angry. I mean ... I understand I have to be on time. I do! But this ... this ... well I've failed in more then just my bosses eyes before I've even started. I've failed and they've started me behind everyone else before work has even started. I mean ... I was planning on leaving an hour early my first day. And I would be on time if I did that. ...I'm so upset right now.


Pat "the outdoor cat" Thomas said...

Hey Kristy, I believe in you. You're on time in my book.

Emily said...

Hey girl. I have a feeling things will get better once school starts - then you won't have to find your way places anymore. I hate it when you allow plenty of time to get somewhere and then get lost... I always end up stressed and anxious and I HATE being late so it makes it worse.

Do you have a cell? Maybe you could program someone's number in it if you look like you're going to be a few minutes late - then give them a call.