Wednesday, March 26, 2008


If you've never read this book you need to look into it. I think it's great that I've been reading it and going to our church's class about it, but on the other hand I also think it's opened a big 'ol can of worms that I'm not sure I want to sort out. Or maybe it's just that I don't think I can't sort it out. Okay, so I know I can't .... so it's God's job?? Ugh .... too much in my head. Haha if you can believe this I'm procrastinating a bit from cleaning out my rat's cage at the moment, but I keep smelling it ... so I should really go do that too. Anyways ... this book is good. The class is even better. But it's also a lot like going through the garbage and boy do I have a lot. I wish there was some way to have always have the confident feeling that you're not alone in these sorts of feelings. It would be super nice. Course my logic tells me odds are other people struggle just the same, but being in the middle of it ... I only see me and my insanity.
Some days I really think I'm crazy. I hope I'm not. I hope it's just me growing up and sorting through my trash. There's so much that this book brings up ... that I'm not even sure I can mention it all in this blog. But maybe I should keep writing about it. Maybe that will help me keep it all sorted.
I hate feeling like I'm crazy. I really do. Is there a way to get rid of that??? I think I should go back on Lexapro. I loved that stuff, haha. /sigh


Sarah said...

Here's some encouragement - the fact that the book is bringing up stuff that's right where you're at is proof that you're not alone in it! They wouldn't have written an entire book for just a handful of people. :) Truly - you are normal and growing and God loves you! I do to!

Emily said...

What she said ^^^

and my own comment?

HA - you're SO not alone. ;)