Friday, July 11, 2008

This Morning I Ran!

If you didn't know Francisco and I have been working out at Ballys since December. The last few weeks it has been difficult to get there 3-4 times a week with all the extra stuff we're doing to get ready for moving and the like. But it's been good.
So our trainer taught us how to run and I ran, a couple months ago, for the first time on a treadmill and I actually enjoyed the challenge of seeing how far I could push myself! Of course I still imagine myself slipping off the back in some freak accident. lol
This morning I didn't have a lot of time and I wanted to exercise so I decided instead of cutting myself short, time wise, I'd just go outside and see if I could run. The last time I did this I was ummm 12-ish and it took me at least a day and 1/2 to recover! lol So needless to say it took me a while to get into my groove, but when I finally did it was great!! My chins aren't really that sore either, surprise surprise!! I even pushed myself in a hard run a couple times and I must say I recover MUCH faster now and I feel much stronger all in all. It's quite nice. Well, I suppose I should say that I mostly jogged, walked to recover, jogged again, and then full on ran a couple times for a short distance. But I'm not going to sell myself short...this is a big thing for me!!! I can't get over how fast I recover from's great!! It makes exercise a lot more fun and I don't mind doing it now! I actually don't turn quite as red either!!! It's nice to know that I wouldn't look like a tomato forever :P

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Val said...

Yeah!! *pumping my fist in the air*
Also... you spelled shins wrong... so your "chins" didn't hurt, eh? hahaha.... ahhahahahahahha...... now you and I can go running! (or our version of running anyway.... what I like to call joggies)