Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dallas, TX OR BUST!

Francisco and I are off to Dallas, TX for the weekend. We leave early, early tomorrow morning and arrive around 4:30pm!
I'm really excited! I'm so happy Francisco is going with me this time! I've already been to one Success School (intense training for our business) and it changed my life in so many ways! Of course I'm sure that might sound odd to some and others may be skeptical, but you can't argue with the evidence...I mean if you've known me for a while and you haven't seen me or spent time with me recently then it's possible you need to :) Because I have changed in so many positive ways! I try not to use the word improve ... because that seems to say that before now I was a screwed up version of me. Of course up until just recently I probably would have said I was a screwed up version of who I should be. It's really all about God completing His good work in me. Well, haha, I'm not complete, but you get what I mean right? I still have my days. I still struggle often, but compared to a year ago ... 6 months ago...God has matured so much more of me.
Okay ... all this to say. I'm excited what this Success School will bring. Last February's school started a really big journey for me! And so far I have to say I'm really grateful for it! Though ... sometimes it strikes me as a bit odd that I'm really doing this networking home-based business. And if I really stopped to think it would make me giggle when I think of how excited and devoted Francisco is to building this! Wowie!! Who would have ever thought! haha But we're doing some amazing things! Advocare and the people involved with Advocare have really helped to improve the quality of our lives as indivuduals (have you seen Francisco lately? Hehe) as well as a married couple! heh I just thought, as I was typing this, that some people could really take this the wrong way. But I don't really care that much ... because if you know me, you know how genunine I try to be. And that, even though I do lie sometimes, I'm a really, really bad lier. :P
WOooHOOO Dallas here we come!!

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In the pipe, 5 by 5.