Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The History Channel

Okay so here's something I wasn't expecting to write about, but it kept coming up in my brain and even on the way home on Monday as I was listening to a song by Bat For Lashes I heard it again. The sound of a pulsar. And the more I learn about it the freakier it gets and the freaking cooler it gets! How come I didn't know about these?? (by the way I'm listening to the song as I write this post lol it's called "Two Planets" and I swear that they use a pulsar's sound in the song.)
Here's a video of the sound a pulsar makes.

You don't really need to watch the whole thing to get the idea, but oh my gosh!!! A pulsar is short for pulsing star.
(from put, pulsars are rotating neutron stars. And pulsars appear to pulse because they rotate!
They blink like a lighthouse would! And get this!! They all spin at different rates so they all have a different sound! Oh my gosh the more I learn about this the more I want to learn about it. The older I get the smarter I feel (or maybe it's more confidence), so I actually want to learn about these kinds of things!! So go learn about them ... and maybe watch the History Channel? :)
Also here's a Bat For Lashes song ... a favorite of mine (I couldn't find the other one)


Valerie Geary said...

You heard it? Like... outside? Or did they use it in the song? Clarification please. :) Thank you. (Also... I like the song... never heard of them before!)

Jenni said...

that song sound is cah-reepy!