Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Since I said I would...

Francisco and I had an amazing time in California. It was weird to be there ... it still felt like home. And yet Portland feels like home. We rented a car and every time we drove by our old apartment it felt like we were going home. When we went to our old church it felt like "our church" still. Ever have that feeling of being torn into? On my way home I was feeling super sad, because it felt like leaving home. Then again I was glad, because it felt like I was coming home. Of course I will say that breathing easier is always a good thing!
We got to spend time with our wonderful friends and their kiddos. Also got to see most of the people we wanted to see on Sunday. Though it was very difficult to only see them for 5 minutes on a Sunday morning. That's what I really did NOT like about living there. Everything was amped up to SUPER SPEED!!!! It's interesting to me, being so relationship driven, how so many people in my life aren't. I know in previous posts (long ago) I've talked of losing friends and not having other friends I try to contact ... contact me back. How much it really hurts me. Come to realize I'm wired that way. (To put relationships on a high priority.) Of course this still doesn't stop the hurt of dissolving friendships. I don't think my brain or heart will ever be able to understand why that happens. I suppose if I were still friends with everyone I wanted to be friends with my life would be fuller then I could manage, but my heart aches for that. All that to say ... California was great, but I didn't get to spend the time with every one that I wanted. Although I do believe I spent time with the people I was meant to spend time with. Doesn't make the ache go away though.
I don't miss living down there. But I do miss those people. I do miss the church.
OH and yes ... Francisco SHOCKED everyone. Well, okay so did I!! tehehehe no one recognized us! They did recognize the positive changes and energies coming off of us though....this is a good thing!
I'm so proud of Francisco :) Hmmm this post seems scattered. meh ... oh well :) I posted

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