Monday, December 7, 2009

Here's the Pic

Here is a close up of the crochet stitch I used for the wash cloth and then the second picture is a pic of the whole thing. I am hoping to make 2 more from this skein of yarn, but I might just only be able to get one more. It's possible I should have made it smaller, but in the end I'm glad for this size and I think my friends will be too.
The yarn is, once again, variegated and when it's crocheted horizontally it looks like I pulled off an amazing pattern. Tricky huh! I love how this turned out and as soon as I finish the one I'm working on that's a different color I will post that as well.
This simple pattern called for a hook size I didn't have (I just used my 00 and my H sizes). It turned out fine :) The stitch is a hdc (half double crochet) for the foundation row and then hdc in the back loop for the rest. This created something close to the rows that K2P2 creates in knitting! (more on that when I complete the scarf I have in mind for my sister!)
It's thick and 100% cotton! Maybe the word will get out and people will want these for presents? :) Haha here's hoping!

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