Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Look my hat is done! I started it on Saturday and finished it middle of the day on Sunday! It was a new pattern and I LOVE it! It's warm, soft, and squishy!! I would LOVE to knit more of these as presents or just cuz. It takes 2 skeins of yarn and if you buy the yarn I'll make it for you I used Vanna's Yarn (you can get it at Michaels) :)

I found a sale on the yarn at Michaels and bought some more of Vanna's yarn in this gray color! I can't wait to show you what I will be making from this yarn!! hehe

The yarn (above) here is from For Yarn's Sake! I got a gift certificate from the family I work for! It's amazing yarn and I'm super excited to use it!

This last picture is the yarn that my husband got me for Christmas! (plus the yarn that my hat was made out of) He also bought my size 8 circular needles and a set of size 3 double pointed needles so I can try my hand at socks. I'm super nervous about the socks though!

It was a really great Christmas. I had fun with my family! We played lots of Wii bowling and golf, ate lots, and watched Julie & Julia (pretty good movie). It was a really low key, but wonderful Christmas! And now I can't stop knitting!!! I'm soo hooked! :D


Valerie Geary said...

I think I already mentioned this... but I LOVE YOUR HAT! :D

Francisco said...

A beautiful hat baby, you're amazing! Now we just need to get you some mooncloth ;). ILY

Shawn4lia said...

I like it! Pretty! Maybe I will try to crochet one. My aunt taught me to knit when I was a girl, but I haven't in years.