Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Over load

Well, I went from having just 2 knitting projects I was working on to 4 on needles and 4 waiting to be started! LOL :) I think I love it, but I'm not sure my hands do!
I'm making another big squishy hat in purple for Francisco's cousin, Sarah. :) And I'm making my sister a nice warm wide dark gray/light gray marbled color scarf. I'm also making slow progress on a lacy scarf for my wonderful friend Michelle. This one is taking me a while though because the yarn is so itty-bitty! But it's fun to watch the lacy pattern appear.
Then I will be making 2 of my other friends (from church) simple beanies. And a secret project in the works (I know she reads the blog).
Just thought I'd drop by and give you an update! Back to work!! Or ... maybe I'll walk to Freddies and spend the last of my $ on some more double pointed needles. haha I'm addicted and it's perfect for not wanting to drive until the snow turns into permanent slush.
It's been a nice vacation :)

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