Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tad Cold Out There Isn't It

Okay it's cold if you haven't noticed.
ALSO...would like to point out that I've tried to post comments on 2 blogs (1 yesterday, 1 today) and I type my comment and then it never shows. Acts like I never actually tried to make a comment to begin with. This does not encourage me to continue.
EDIT: I can post a comment on my sister's blog, but not on Ryan's or Sarah's...I am annoyed.
Another note....the baby I watch (Kaitlyn) is getting into everything lol.... I suppose that's what they do at this age, eh?
And here is the last paragraph from the Mental Vitamin articles I read every morning (or try to) from Ron Reynolds. He works at AdvoCare Corp. and writes these every day. Not always pertaining to AdvoCare directly ... most days it can be used in conjunction with AdvoCare or not. Francisco and I have run into many people this last year that say they don't want to be involved in AdvoCare as a business. As much I believe it really is everyone's choice and it is all about life and God's timing...I also believe that many don't stop to think long enough about it. If we can push our thoughts outside the box just for a moment and dream just think of all the amazing things that would happen .... We are all on a path. Make sure you're on the one you really want to be on.
"...I want you to think upon the many choices we have for the money we may earn here, regardless of the amount. It can help a parent become a stay-at-home mom or dad rather than leaving children at a daycare center. It can allow for a business to be built from home. It can allow a family to pay a full tithe, or a greater tithe. It can lead to a family becoming free of debt - a condition in which the borrower is the "servant of the lender." And, it can lead to a deeper and more meaningful sense of well being as our confidence and self-esteem grows and strengthens. By engaging in a Plan B income source, we are revealing a determination to take back greater control over the self-chosen direction of our lives; it enables us to know what we do not now know, to feel as we do not now feel, and to learn as we have never before learned. We can even come to that point where we put aside our "employee mentality," and begin to use the skills and insights we have."

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Valerie Geary said...

Sometimes people monitor their comments and it won't show up on their blog until they approve it. Blogger will generally tell you with a hard to see green sentence at the very top of the page whether or not your comment has to wait for approval. Also... sometimes comments take a few minutes to load. :) Just fyi so you keep trying.