Thursday, January 14, 2010


I have recently been working through my priorities in my mind. I've been journaling a lot and thinking that I just might have a few priorities mixed up. I know for sure the things I put my time into are things I enjoy, but I am expecting to build my business into something will eventually run on it's own, earn me some "beach money," and make it so Francisco and I can be stay at home parents then I'd better figure out what I really need to be spending my time doing!
So, it's possible that my knitting will need to slow down. I am still in full swing of some projects I promised for people. I plan to finish these as soon as I can, but I am also planning on NOT spending every spare minute I have knitting. Although this is probably the most comfortable and easiest thing for me to do, I do know that will not be earning me the amount of wealth I desire.
Don't worry my few followers. There will still be knitting updates and pictures :) And you can still request things from me, but it must be said that I will be making a conscious effort to work my business more than knit. :) Over all I think this is a good thing!
I'm headed to Dallas, TX next weekend for our bi-annual success school! I'm so excited! I also have a friend coming with me for the first time! So of course this makes it double exciting! Andy Andrews AND Michael W. Smith will be there...seriously I'm like a kid before Christmas!!

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Necessity is the mother of invention..........................