Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Baby Blankets

Baby Boy Blanket #2

Baby Boy Blanket #2

Baby Girl Blanket #1

Baby Girl Blanket #1
Well I finally got the pictures posted.
And both mama's loved the blankets!  Machine washable cotton blends too!  So that means the babies can now poop and spit up all they want on their new blankies lol!  I'm not sure this is my favorite pattern as far as "prettiness" goes, but it sure is simple and nice to have for a "useful" blanket.  I think I might try and figure out how to make them bigger so that the mom's can use them longer.  Not sure :) Still knitting and working on some fun projects.
New goals?  Trying to finish what I already have on my needles, so I don't get so backed up!


Deanna said...

Oh I love Baby Girl Blanket #1! I love that it's mostly white with just a bit of pink because sometimes when it's the other way around I get super overwhelmed and and want to throw up a little cotton candy or something. Gross, I know... but oh so true.

Jenni said...

Okay you are amazing. You should bring your knitting stuff to MN...we might end up sitting around yarning!