Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year :)

New Years always makes people try and "start over" or "start again" in many areas of their lives.  I was reading a book on financial freedom and the author talked about how everyone tries to make goals and he would prefer that we call them "targets."  If I shoot for a target and miss then I keep practicing until I hit it.  A goal makes most think of something in sports ... and if you miss a goal there you really can't make it up too often.  (I suppose that analogy has some wholes, but honestly ... you get my point right?)

All that to say?  Francisco and I started our New Years cleanse and also decided to start working out to Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred dvd.  I got it for $9 so I figured it was worth it.  I had heard and seen a few of my friends have great success doing this dvd, so after reading more reviews and watching a few clips on youtube I bought it!  Because Francisco works 40/week I decided to yield to his schedule, so that we can be more successful.  He sacrifices a lot for us already I thought I could return the favor.  We decided that we would get up at 5am M-F (Probably later Sat. & Sun.) and work out for 30min.  That's 7 days a week folks.  PLUS we're still going to classes at ERWMA.  We'll be working out like this until the end of January when we'll be headed off to Cannon Beach for a 4 day Anniversary celebration!  Then when we get back I think we'll have somewhere around 7 days left over! :)
On the dvd there are 3 levels.  I'm thinking we could potentially do this for 3 months.  Each month we would stay on one level.  On day 3 I'm thinking this, but by day 14 I may be wanting to kick it into level 2.
I'm excited about the results!  And I'm excited that we're consistently exercising again!  Yahoo!

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