Thursday, August 25, 2005

Missing My Baby

So im waiting to go to work (i wake up 1hr and 1/2 b4 i have to leave so that i can relax a bit before i go and dont have to rush) and so wanted to post. Nothing really new, well my love has some news but I will let her be the one to post it :). I miss her a lot and I cant wait for the day when we will be able to see eachother every day, and not have to drive and hour and a half one way to do it. Sometimes I wonder why God decided to have her and I live so far apart, though at least its not a situation where she lives in N. Cali but still. Was it so that we would better appreciate our time together or maybe so that we would learn a little bit about sacrifice (that sacrifice steadily increasing with the price of gas since the darn government wont put in place a hydrogen fuel infrastructure that in my opnion would effect so many areas of american life). Whoa, a little ranty, sorry about that, but i like being tall sometimes so I got to stand on my soap box ;). Well whatever the reason, now Kristy and I have to rely on patience and that things are happening in God's timing. In 156 days every morning (well hopefully most mornings if my fiancé isnt too groggy :D) will see a swift sunrise. Thats all for now.


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