Tuesday, August 23, 2005

A New Hope for a New Fellowship

:D So this is my first time ever posting to a blog, though i have posted to forums before, its exciting. But whats more exciting is the idea of marrying my best friend in 158 days! Paul and I are going to be so happy together ..... errr i mean.... Heeheehehe. Of course I am talking about my soul mate Kristy, Pauls already taken. LOL.
Sorry for all the ensuing zannyness (and bad spelling) this morning, I think its just me being high on love. And to all yous who are like "thats not going to last long" thpppt. BLAH BLAAAAAH BLE BBLEEH BLAAAAH. But seriously, we have already had some ups and downs and communication, apologies, and forgivness (and of course Mister G.O.D.) get us through it.
Now that i have refortified the main gate of Helms Deep, to keep the Urek-Hys (you think i would know how to spell that) at bay I will get back to work and try not to be caught day dreaming of my Eowyn.

Im meleth lle

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Kristy said...

I love this man...