Saturday, September 10, 2005

Couples Get Togethers

So we went to a bbq last night at our friend suzannah's place. The food was great there were alot of laughs and good conversasion. What was new to me was that all the ppl there (8 in all) were there as couples. This was different becasue it seemed no one had 3rd wheel syndrome (or 9th wheel in our case) and so if there was a lull in the conversation you could just be content (at least for kristy and I) being with the other.It was a great experiance and one that I'm sure we would both like to have again. All we need next time is for my best friend Paul and his wife to be a part of it (find a job up here slacker and it better not be like after kristy and i move to oregon or minnisota or whatever cold wet place she wants to drag me to (just kidding my love :D id go to the ends of the earth with you, i would just like to have a sword and bow and arrow for some of those places ;) )). Ok so to sum up it was a nice experiance in terms of a get together/party that i have been to.

Now on to more random thoughts dah da da daaaah. Job is going well just really busier than when i first started, which I dont mind except for one of our clients is sooo agrevating but oh well. My bosses say im doing a really good job and they are very appreciative of me which is really nice! Now if I only didnt have to get up like i was trying to get to a 7:00 class (i wak up at 5:50am to get to a job that starts at 9:00am) it would be really great. And speaking of jobs pplease please please pray that kristy would be blessed with a job that she can have for 2 months in riverside and then either transfer to out here near where i am, or get a new job quikly out here.

Saw Shrek2 for the first time over the span of a couple of nights. I really liked it. At what I thought was the end I looked to kristy and was like "that was good, i just wished they had Dragon in it, thats my only camplaint" she nodded and then we continued watching the credits and then it goes back into the movie for a little epilog and there is Dragon, oh i was so happy!!! Hehehe.

So anyways got to go to Riverside in a bit. Take care and God bless....porta-potties for having such a crappy job. :) Ty all for your prayers and ty the Lord for his many blessings and for putting only 140 more days between kristy and I's union though we both wish it was like 2 days but oh well.

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Francisco and Kristy said...

AMEN! That's really all I wanted to say, but he stepped away from the computer thinking I was going to comment some random come back...actually right now he's looking the cupboard...RANDOM! Oh but do so love him...and I will drag him to the end of the earth...hehehehehe j/k