Thursday, September 1, 2005

Show me the money

This is so unfortunatly the tune i would say most people, including myself, want to sing. Im doing a lesson for my bible study tonight on revelation and one of the questions was what is the most deceptive thing about our culture. And without any real though, (almost like i wasnt writing it, but at the same time understanding of what was being written) i put down that money can make you happy.
This past week has been a seemingly endless supply of fuel for nursey this same idea. I myself am faced with debt and the possibilty of alot more debt and often want to say if i just would have saved more, or made more, or didnt get the fancy 1bedroom apartment and just got a studio, or a thousand other things, then i could give the wedding and honeymoon of me and Kristy's dreams to us. I have tried to tell myself that God will find a way for us to have a great wedding and honeymoon, but maybe i need to be thinking more about how blessed i already am to be engaged to the woman of my dreams and that we will be married the rest of our lives. Then it seems easier to live with.
Well there is more I would like to say but i got to get to work.
Oh and 149 days to go :D

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