Friday, September 2, 2005

Dad's are great!

My daddy is AWESOME!!! hehehe he's totally helping more with the wedding expenses then I thought he was going to and it's a completely wonderful answer to prayers. THANK YOU LORD!
On another neck, back, and shoulders, are continuing to cause a lot of pain. I've tried a variety of pillows and sleeping positions, but nothing has worked so far. I take Advil like it's candy and wish that it would just go away. I feel like my entire upper body (in the back) is all scruntched up and knoted. Who ever read's this...please pray that either: God heals it, a new pillow will fix it, or we'll be able to buy a tempurpedic bed...or at least something much better then a 50 year old twin on the floor of a bed room.
148 days!!!!

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