Tuesday, February 20, 2007

My job...

I enjoy this temp job more then most, I really do...except today and all the awful calls I've gotten has made me wonder if there are any intelligent people left in this world. It makes me laugh sometimes, but when its call after call of bullsh*%ers it gets to you. This last phone call? I tell him we're just calling him back to follow up and make sure he got his questions answered. He proceeds to tell me he had information that could help us, but no one called him back. So I tell him its because we couldn't get a hold of an answering machine to leave a message. (I know that sounds weird lol, but sometimes when you're talking on the fly and trying to sound professional things come out weird.) Then he tells me that's a load of "crap." I tell him he doesn't need to speak to me like that and he continues to spill colorful metaphores all over the phone so I kindly said, "sir I do not need to be treated like, so I am ending this call. goodbye." And hung up on him.
urrrrgggg I don't like being treated like that.

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