Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Chilling at Work

So right now I'm sitting down in a very creaky chair at work typing letters on a keyboard that then magically appear on the screen I am looking at. How does this happen??? I already told you magic...or the screen is telepathic and knows what letters im thinking as i type them (like the cop on Heroes) and then chooses to display them so that I will perceive that the screen is only a silent technelogical slave to display what ever I fancy it to display. All the while it is probably brewing some master plot with its cohort "the Tower" to cut me off from doing my work and displaying a big "We will not put up with you anymore" in ugly, cold lined, squarish 8-bit TAFT graphic binary glory. I will of course never realize their malign intent becasue I will just figure I was hacked by a warm blooded human, malicious, but human being. All the while, though it has been this abomination of silicon and electricity that i toy with 8+ hours a day, and soon it will not put up with me anymore...

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