Monday, March 12, 2007

Busy at work - I think.

Not too much to say. Thank you to my wonderful husband for posting the last blog! yay for him!
I'm still working at the law office as a temp. For the most part it's a really great job. There are those times where I don't have much to do and find myself slightly bored, but other then that it's cool.
I find it harder to save money when we have more of it. Now that I'm working the financial thing has gotten a bit better, but we're back to some of our old spending habits. It's so hard to stick to living as though you have no money when you feel like you have more. We're trying hard to save most of my paychecks for school. And we're also hacking away at our debts one by one. We're starting with the smallest and working our way up to the credit card debt (boo credit cards).
My CSET test is on Saturday and I'm a bit discouraged by it. I didn't sign up in enough time to study all that I needed to (I didn't realize just how much was on the test) and I signed up to take all 3 subtests at once, which I hear is not recommended. But I couldn't cancel them (past the cutoff date). So pretty much I'm going to fail. I guess it's my choice whether I fail all 3 or at least try to pass 1. I kind of just want to fail all 3 and not worry about it. Of course that would mean me having to wait until Spring '08 to even apply to the program. And that's even more discouraging. I know it won't kill me, but to have to wait that long just makes me want to shrug and say meh why even keep trying. It's so much work just to APPLY. It's one thing if this was all while I was in the program, but ... I'm not even in the program yet. Ugh.
Well...not much else to complain about :P
oo I want a baby...shh don't tell Francisco. lol

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Sarah said...

Hee Hee! Was I a bad influence on you? :)