Thursday, February 15, 2007

A new look

Well, I've decided on a new look. Do you like it? I don't even know if anyone reads this any more. I suppose why would anyone read something that neither of us have updated in a really long time. I think that's another reason why I decided on a new look. Its sort of like a new start to this whole trying to blog thing.
I don't know what it is about trying to stay in contact and trying to write in my journal and/or blogging after being married is a lot more difficult now. Its not like I don't have enough time to do it. I guess I'm too busy playing that stupid computer game when I'm on the computer then actually blogging. Well, except I have a temp. job now, so I guess I have more time to shoot out a quick blog.
So here's a quick update. I'm headed towards getting credintialed as an elementary school teacher and eventually getting my Master's Degree. I have to apply for a credintial program that's 34 credits and pass that, before I can apply for the Master's program. I'm so nervous and overwhelmed by it all, but at the same time totally excited by the idea of having a goal like that. It's also nice to hear people tell me that they think I'd be a good teacher.
Francisco and I celebrated our 1 year on 1/28/07! We went to Disneyland and it was SO FUN! Since we're SoCal residents we got a 2-fer ticket that allowed us to come back to California Adventure at a later date. So we're going this weekend as a late Heart Day celebration! Its nice to be able to go w/o actually having to pay for the tickets again.
We're doing really good. We're still trying not to drown financially, but its one day at a time. Some day it won't be this hard. Although I think we're learning some amazing things about budgeting, spending wisely, tithing, and money in general. Which will be wonderous to have the rest of our lives. Needless to say going through constint financial crap puts stress on us both. So its been tough, but I still LOVE being married! And having this job I have now makes the stress lesson just slightly. Though some days it feels like we're never going to get ahead. Then again that just might be a normal things most couples feel.
Umm what else? Oh no babies yet :P Yes, someday, but ... I still want to experience my life more fully w/o kids. Well, I guess I mean to say is not that having kids = a unfull life. I just want to go out and do that big deal thing before I get so busy I put it off for 20 or 30 years until our kids are grown. Errr, does that make any sense? haha POINT being?! We're waiting. Though I do have my "I want a baby" days...which Francisco is very patient with. hmm I'm sure as this very slow day lingers on I will have more to say, but I should post this one for now :)

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