Friday, February 16, 2007

Finally it's Friday!

Did I mention that I will most likely be the one that posts in here. I asked Francisco to post too, but he doesn't do the whole journal blog thing much :) Its ok...I don't mind being the one reporting all the juicy details of our life. hah!
So last night we had this argument, which started out small and ended up to be a couple hours long. What was this argument about? Well, I think, if I can remember it...we were arguing about why he doesn't observe and remember really small details in every day life. There are times where I will mention something and it really only comes out as a vague recolection of a previous days events or maybe something I had seen on tv. So naturally I expect him to know exactly what I'm talking about even though I'm not speaking in clear words or phrases. So of course I get angry at him when he looks at me like I have an arm growing out of my head. Then as the arguement goes on we get more and more tired and, well, I'm just angry and annoyed all over and can't seem to shake it. NOT to mention the stupid lies I keep getting fed in my head about how his apologies aren't real just cuz he didn't apologize the "right" way (is there a right way ... really?? I mean besides being truthful about it.) or about how he's "actually" feeling. Even though he said he's fine. UGH Well, needless to say I'm SO tired today. But, as always we live, we fight, we learn. I still love him. He's still the most amazing man I know. And is the one person in my life, besides my father possibly, who can push my buttons just right to make me so angry. But! That is part of life and being married. So, over all? I don't think I mind it too much. At least I don't when he's not doing it hahaha! Isn't it interesting how you can love someone so much and yet at the same time be so annoyed with them?!

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