Thursday, May 10, 2007


So Kristy said last night that she was bored with our foreplay. Being a guy i wanted to find a solution to this but I could not think of anything different that would work. The only things I can think of, we would need to already be in the mood for us to enjoy. As for doing things to help get kristy in the mood, im kinda at a loss, because i thought that the way to do that was through her love langauges (words of encouragment and quality time) which I really try to "speak" to her in. Im kinda at a loss for what to do. So goes my tale of woe (in case you don't know, I take every opportunity to be un-serious in serious situations, I wonder if guys in general do this or if it is just me. For me it doesn't mean Im not paying attention or that I dont care, just that why be dower when you could smile and alleviate some of the tension. Did I mention I also like to go on tangents :) ) Well if you have advice great and prayers, better. (posted by francisco)

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