Thursday, May 3, 2007


I muse at midnight ... I don't think I should do that, because I'm not exactly thinking clearly ... or correctly.
Why should we have friends early on in life that throw us grand promises of staying in touch...and then we never do? I mean it's my fault too, but ... sometimes I ache for you and all I want you to do is say, "hello, I miss you like mad sometimes."
I think that might go a long way.
Then again maybe you have said that...and I was too dumb and missed it.
I'm sorry ... and for what it's worth, "Hello. I miss you like mad almost all the time."

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Sarah said...

Hi Kristy! I'm probably not the one you're referring to in this post, but thought I would stop and say "Hi" anyway! Last month was crazy for me - so busy! Now, I'm officially done with work and getting ready for the baby - but my to-do list here at home is quite long. Mmmm... I guess that will be good for keeping me busy these next 9 weeks. :) Let me know what time might be good for you to get together again!