Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Short update...

Okay so I'm not so good at updating as much as I wanted. Well, then again I say that a lot. I start work as a 1st grade teacher on August 1st. I'll be a real life teacher! No one's going to help me and I'm IT. I'm scared, and I think by the time I get to the end of July I'm going to be freaking out. I do have a meeting on June 27 with the principal and hopefully he'll give me some pointers.
Mostly for now I wonder if I really want to go through the trouble of trying to find another temp job for a few weeks until august or just putt putt around until then. Part of me just wants to do nothing until august, but I'm going insane doing it. I get really grumpy and bored after a while of not talking or seeing humans face to face. It's not really good for me.
Francisco's job is going fine, although some of the managing decisions are not which annoys him. Though it seems he's still got a position there for a while longer at least until he decides he wants to find a new job. It pays the bills for now.
We're hoping to go to Oregon for a 10day vacation in the middle of july which will be very nice. Not sure there's much else to say.

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