Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I really do dislike when life blindsides you with something really big. Most of the time it feels like a big 2x4 hitting you across the face. Only no one told you that it was coming. All that to say it hurts.
I shouldn't really go into detail because it wouldn't be respectful to Francisco and mine's marriage, but let's just say we hit a big pot hole in our marriage. I had no idea it was on our path and it sux that it happened. I know we'll be ok. I know we'll be so much stronger for it and I know we'll learn a ton from it. I just wish I would have known that we weren't doing as well as I thought we were in our communication. Though I know we can only improve from here.
We are doing so much better then last weekend and the wound is healing clean. I just hope the next big bump we hit we will be able to handle it better.

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