Monday, June 2, 2008

A lot to write about and no time to do it in...

School is driving me nuts. I still love my kids.
I went to my cousins wedding yesterday I cried, laughed, loved, missed, ached, and rode in a horse and carriage for the first time in my life.
Today I finished a book I started Saturday called Schuyler's Monster: A Father's Journey with His Wordless Daughter by Robert Rummel-Hudson
It was very good. Read it. I now start a new book called Power by Linda Hogan. That book I've read before, so I know it will be good. But I read it in college when I was reading a ton of other books and my brain wasn't as old as it is now. (though I'm not sure that's going to help me much.)
I'm exauhsted in all ways and feeling unappreciated and not understood at my job. I think maybe that's the life of a teacher. Most of the parents hate you and what you're not doing, in their eyes, for their child. The administration doesn't give a rat's ass even though they say they do. And people just waste their life telling everyone else BUT you how badly they think you're failing. It's nice to know I'm making such a big difference in peoples' lives. -.- (that's my sarcastic "give me a break" look)
I think I'm tired. I think I need to go to bed, but I also think my head is full and I need to empty it except I can't seem to get my lazy ass to find the way to MAKE the time to do this. Maybe I'll do it tomorrow morning when my 10 wonderful monkeys are working as quietly as 6 and 7 year old monkeys can work on their seatwork. Maybe then I can take the time to empty my head of this stuff floating around and making it difficult to function.
Francisco doesn't enjoy it when I'm like this. I don't really either, but at least before I was married I didn't have to explain "this" to anyone. And now I do and I find it more annoying then freeing. In fact there are only a handful of people I would be eager to expend my energy on explaining all of the floaties in my head. I love my husband more then anything, but sometimes it takes too much energy to try and talk to him in detail about this. I dunno...I think I'm just tired. I need my bed....

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