Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My Head

What's in my head? A lot, but ... at the moment laziness is winning out and I don't want to post a big 'ol long thing.
I would like to say I had one mini-interview today that I thought went well for a job that doesn't pay enough, but it's the ONLY place I've even had a bite for. Francisco and I are super discouraged because we're not getting responses.
ALSO...I want wait scratch that... I NEED a Ferret Nation Model 142.
I found a place here that sells them and price matches, so it's a great deal! I'm asking everyone I know to help pitch in for it for Christmas this year, because I really, really want it. That and it's SOOOO much easier to clean then the one I have now for my boys.
*sigh* that's all. I want to go read.
Oh speaking of that, since I moved here I've read 3.5 books and I'm in the middle of the 4 one! W00T

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