Monday, September 15, 2008

Productive Energy!

Okay, so I still occasionally feel pressed for time, just because I now LOVE getting up in the morning and getting busy.
I now get up between 7-8am take my A-Supreme. Then I mix my Spark and take all my nummy vitamins! Oh and you can't forget my Clear Mood! Then I'm off, after a really good breakfast of course! I do the dishes, I do laundry, sometimes I try and clean up around the house (I'm still working on being better about that). I sometimes make the bed haha. Then I go upstairs to our office and work my new business! So far I'm right on track! It's so exciting to be so successful! I can't wait to see where it takes me in the next few months.
Here's my website (work in progress). I'm still trying to make it more personal. But again all of this takes time.
Tonight I have a Mixer that focuses more on Sports Performance, so I'm excited about going and learning more about that end of it!
Okay I have to go pay attention to my fat rats they're missing me apparently :P

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