Saturday, December 6, 2008

Hi again

Weee! I'm posting again!
I tried to take some pictures of the dog we're watching until the 14 (Spencer) but every time I did he'd turn his head. lol No, I'm serious! He kept turning his head but I could see him watching me. It was like he was saying uhhh I don't think so lady! In other news about Spencer he loves walks!!!! And I love to go walking with him. Apparently in his home he doesn't go for walks. He's pretty much fine with just lying around and cuddling, but now that he's discovered walks he ALWAYS wants them. It's pretty funny! At his home too they have a porch that has racoons on it every night. So now he's always staring out our sliding glass doors waiting for racoons. Of course now that he's discovered squirrels maybe he's waiting for them too. I kept hearing from his mommy that he barks a lot, but the dood is so quiet. I never hear a peep from him unless it's a super low rumble growl (to let me know he thinks he hears something suspicious or if someone is really at our door. He doesn't bark much, but the amount he does bark is very helpful to me!!
OH I have an interview on Monday through Apple One. I hope I get it. I had to take an hour and half worth of tests yesterday (things like outlook, word, excel, typing, 10key, and alpha numeric) I kicked BUTT on all of them scoring no less then 93%. I type 80WPM too!
Okay off to waste some time playing Diablo with Francisco!

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Valerie Geary said...

I got a job through Apple One in California. It was lame. But they paid pretty well... and the company wanted to hire me full time, but I was going back to school so .. yeah... that's it.