Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Posting Again

As per request I am going to try posting more often. I suppose my life really isn't that exciting, so I'm not sure what I should be posting about really. Then again if I was reading the Bible and spending time with God more (like I was doing) I think there might be a bit more to talk about.
I'm still out of a job and trying to get one, but getting no hits yet.
I'm supposed to test for my gold belt tomorrow and I was going to go to class today, but no one will call me back and tell me when the classes are (I lost the schedule). I also haven't heard back from a temp. agency that I've called twice now. I had an interview with him on Friday and he told me to call him on Monday so I did and he never called me back, so I just called him today and left another message. I really want to start working again.
So ... my Uncle and Aunt left for home today. They stayed around for a week and it was really nice to hang out with them!
What else....OH Francisco and I get to dog sit and we're very excited about that!
See I told you nothing exciting.
Though it is hard to write a blog and watch Due South!

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Valerie Geary said...

Yeah! Random posts!! Write about... oh! Take pictures of your porch and post them!!