Friday, February 13, 2009

A week

Well I just finished a week of being an instant mother of 3 kids (11, 9, and 7), 3 cats, and a dog. It was an interesting experience. I did conquer getting up at 6am every morning! A couple of them I even got up at 5am. OMG ... I think I just passed out remembering that. lol It's hard to be "mom" when I'm not really mom. Of course Dennette and Barry's kids are really amazing kids. I still can't believe how many dishes they produce rofl.
I'm tired....that's for sure. I cooked dinner for them every night too! Even though it gave me a taste of being a momma ... I didn't mind it. Although I'm not sure I'm ready to give up sleeping in ... >.> <.< nah I think I am. I'm trusting that it will be easier when I have my own kiddos. I think that I will definately end up being even more EXHAUSTED though lol
Well, still no babies .... plan was to start trying this month. But I still don't have a job and so we're barely scraping by. Which SUCKS!!! A lot. *sigh* I can't think about it too much ...
Another thought on all that is that Francisco is losing SO MUCH weight. He's looking amazing! I'm so proud of him!
I'm tired.

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