Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I stepped on our scale this morning and it read 179.8 ... I'm scared to believe it. Okay let's back up and say a year ago the scale said about 190. And round about June-ish it was stuck between 188-186. I started on products and lost over 20" but the scale has stayed roughly around 184/186. Of course I usually weigh myself at the end of the day and at the gym. Their scale is on carpet which I hear is not exactly accurate. And how accurate can gym scales be really? So I weighed myself this morning...just curious I guess. I was still in my PJs and it was a.m. and the scale said 179.8. I want so much to jump around like a freak and be excited...except that in a couple hours or even just tomorrow the same scale at the same time of day could read 182. I know that scales aren't the ultimate rule over this losing weight and being healthier thing...but a LOT of people focus on the weight part of it.
Let's talk about how I've dropped from a size 14 to a size 10. That's over 20" all over! My bra no longer fits either! So I suppose I'm a bit frustrated that the scale is hardly moving ... because so many people focus on that. BUT I also suppose that if I'm consistantly losing inches and not weight then I'm gaining muscles. So that means if you give me a hard time about not losing weight then I can beat you up?? :P
I'm not done yet :) I'm still headed down and that's all that matters. It really is slow and steady for me, but as long as I get there I guess I don't mind too much!
Francisco is melting before my eyes! lol he's so close to getting below 200lbs! I'm so excited for him! (Cheer him on!!!)


Jenni said...

Wow, guys. I'm, like, super-impressed.

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