Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I often come to my blog to check on other blogs that I've been following and I look at the OLD posts up on my blog and cringe just a little. Then I stop and think of something I could write ... but seemingly intelligent thoughts allude me as soon as I try to type something. It's rather annoying ... and I don't enjoy that I keep promising to write and then do nothing. I wish I had some big really COOL project like my brother-in-law (he's building a sail boat and writing about) to talk about. I guess I could pick some project of my own. I have been reading a lot of self-improvement books and really working on myself in a many different ways. I think about writing about that, but then I second guess myself and think no one that reads my blog would care...of course then I end up not writing anything and that just makes no one read my blog! hah! I'm such an over thinker. I have been, also, thinking that I can just put quotes that I enjoy in the books I read. It's possible I should just put whatever I want and not worry so much.
Here's a little story for you.
It's been hot....well that's an understatement. Needless to say my rats have NOT been doing well in the upstairs in the heat. I check on them and have had a fan on them for the last few days. Yesterday early evening I went to check up on them and saw that one of them (JubJub) had a really bad heat stroke. OH NOES!! I felt really badly. I ran some cool tub water and dumped them in and they LOVED it. Although they were cleaning the water off themselves and sort of scrambling to try and get out...I could tell they really did LOVE it! hehe They were bruxing and boggling all over the place! (those are noises and sounds they make when they're happy)
I put them all downstairs in very small travel cages, but I figured they could survive for a few days in those until it gets cooler.
Here's another note.
We're moving to apartment 1. It's just "up the hill" from our apartment in the same complex. It's a 2bed/2bath flat on the first floor. So it will be much cooler. We're loosing some square feet, but since there are still 2 beds and 2baths we still have room to grow, but we'll be saving $100/month! woohoo!!

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