Friday, June 12, 2009

Something slightly personal

I love being married, but it's tough to receive empathy from a man when he never truly experiences the PMS emotional symptoms I have. It's truly unnerving to feel all this crap and to also feel, at the same time, that it's all out of my control. I have my days ... everyone does, but these past few days it feels way out of my control! And it's infuriating. Okay it's beyond infuriating.
Not many people I can get empathy from ... or maybe there is, but I'm really not able to receive it. Bleah I dunno. I just hope this goes away pretty darn soon!
I have no idea why I just posted this either.

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Molly said...

I'm pretty sure last time I was here you didn't have a followers tab and now you do so I'm happy I can check up on in a stalkerish way.

Ahhh PMS. I remember having a Prof. tell one of my classes that it wasn't real and I almost punched him in the nose. Yeah, it was man. Wtf does he know? Like there's some OTHER reason a certain week of the month I could totally kill a snarling bear using nothing but my hands? Pshaw.