Sunday, June 7, 2009

Changing Habits ... or something like that.

I've been flossing! Over the last 6 days I've flossed 4 times. This is a huge deal for me!

I've been trying really hard not to nom down on the not the bestest foods and leave all the veggies alone (in other words I prefer bread, chips, and pasta...whole grain of course...first before veggies). I've been trying really hard to eat more veggies!

I got up once this last week at 5:45am to hang out with Francisco. It's something he's asked me to do. I always ask him to stay up late (what I prefer). I plan on doing that more.

I also plan on actively going out and building my business.

I plan on reading a book and my Bible in the morning at least 5 days a week.

umm and a lot more?

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Emily said...

I'm no good at reading in the morning. I wake up bleary eyed, then can't focus and want to fall back asleep. I read before bed... a year and a half now, every single day. It's not habit anymore, it's life. :)