Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A New Layout and such and such!

Okay so I thought I'd spice things up a bit. It is possible that this might be a bit too difficult to read, but we'll see!
Also ... I have been pondering in recent days and weeks how I was like as a baby. Since my current job is taking care of a 4 and 1/2 month old baby girl I often wonder if I was as stubborn as she is sometimes. She's at a stage right now where she hates going to sleep ... even though I can tell when she yawns and rubs her poor little tired eyes that shes exhausted! I wish I could just tell her strong little arms and legs to stop moving around so much and let the baby go to sleep! She is very strong and is really, really good at putting both her right and her left hand to her mouth and back. But when her pacifier is in her mouth and her hand finds it then it's the end of the line! She'll get all comfy and just about to drift off to sleep and then BAM pulls the pacifier from her mouth and then glare at me and scream like it was me who did it! hehehe Silly girl I say! Don't do that anymore it makes you angry! But she doesn't quite understand that yet. I wonder if I did that. I wonder if all babies do that.
Of course I would really like to say I very, very much enjoy her 30minute power naps, because after those she usually grins like a Cheshire cat and giggles. How can you be upset at that?!! :D

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Valerie Geary said...

ooohhh!! I love it!!!! so pretty.... I want to sit and stare at your background all day...