Monday, August 3, 2009

Some Quotes to get me going!

So here I am trying to continue posting.
Here are some quotes...

"I believe you always get what you focus on and put your energy into. I focused on aligning myself with opportunities that piad me passive income."

"Nothing great has ever been accomplished in a state of hesitation. Committed leaders can quickly and easily attract other leaders."

"Take time to master the fundamentals and then just go! Don't wait to have all your questions answered."

"People typically will only do business with people they trust."

"Your mind is a powerful computer. It controls how you feel and how you feel determines what you attract."

"Regardless of whether your thoughts are based on reality or not your feelings are real and your feelings determine what you attract."

"We attract what we think about. If you identify yourself as successful and really believe it, you'll begin to attract success."

"As you grow, your journey takes you into uncharted territory."

These are quotes I wrote down from a book called "Beach Money". It was a quick enjoyable read!

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