Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Back to the Future

So as I was telling my bonny love last night, I was telling my boss that had the "me of 1999" met the "Me of now" he would have been disgusted by the fact that i have a Mac, that I work on Macs, and I love Macs. To all you PC users, get a Mac, just do it. And to all you nay-sayers, Come-oon, Come-ooooon. :)
So anyways I thought I would write out a little skit between Me and myself of 1999 telling him that im going to get married.
(MN= Me of now, and m99= me of 1999 obviously :p)

MN: You have come to be terminated.
m99: Why so that you won't exist?!
MN: .....
m99: Boo-yaa! That's what I thought.
MN: Um... You have to come back with me... back to the future?
m99: I don't really see a delorian anywhere.
MN: Um yeah, could I borrow yours, you know the one you made back when you were 8 with Katec's yellow car and the remote controls?!
m99:....You are me!.....Um so what am I up to in the future am I making awesome video games like Zelda games for the N64?
MN: Not exactly. Your making magazine advertisements for Pokémon trading card game.
m99: Trading card game for pokemon. What in the world?!!
MN: Yes its true.
m99: Hmm well not exactly what i pic-
MN: On a Mac.
m99: WHAT!! Why would you use a mac?!?
MN: They are way better than PCs.
m99: Ok now im not sure I like the me of the future. Am i really going to lose all that hair.
MN: Bite me. and Yes.
m99: Ok so apparently you arnt to concerned with telling me about my future, and causing a major paradox that could destroy the entire universe.
MN: Not so much. I have a MIB memory eraser thing HA!
m99: Crap, oh well might as well ask away then. So are amanda and I still together?
MN: No your not, and when you break up it will be easier on you then you might think. But now the woman you are with, she is soooo amazing, beautiful, smart, she is fluent in sign langauge, funny and she loves Lord of the Rings, and she is a Christian.
m99: You've seen Lord of the Rings!!!? Iv'e only seen that preliminary trailer, oh wow im excited.
MN: You should be and it will actually play a part in yours and Kristy's(thats her name) relationship. But here is the kicker, you asked her to marry you and she said yes!
m99: REALLY?! But how old are you, um me?
MN: 24
m99: ...Don't you think your still to young, why not wait till 26 or so.
MN: I love her so much and we feel that God is telling her and me that now is the right time.
m99: Yeah but shouldn't you wait and if you're still in love 2 years from now, err now for you.. i think. Isnt that more rational. Are we really ready so soon?
MN: See here is something you don't understand francisco, you may think you are in love with amanda, but your feelings for here are like a snowflake when compared to the glacier of your love for Kristy. It is really like what the oricle says in The Matrix "you can't be told your in love you just know it. thru and thur. balls to bones" though i still dont get that last part.
m99: Ooo i'm actually seeing that tonight with Paul, my roommate, or i guess you would know that. Well its hard for me to hear what you are saying bout amanda and me.
MN: I know it is but it is the truth. And after you here that line from the matrix, you will try and convince yourself that what she says is only true for some ppl not you and amanda. But it is true, I know now so well. And I cant wait to wake up every morning with her.
m99: Well thats nice that im not going to be alon for long.
MN: Though sometimes it might seem that way. But its not.
(Another person walks up to us.)
M2006: Guys trust me, It is soooooooooooooooooo worth the wait and that its with the woman I love and am committed to for the rest of my life makes it so more amazing and deep. I know its not so much an issue for you me of 99, amanda is bleh. But you me of a few months ago, you can hold out, just trust in God.
MN: Thank you.
m99: And thank you, though it was all hard to hear but Im glad things are working out. One more my mom going to be there... at my wedding i mean.
(MN and M2006 wince and tears begin to form)
m99: oh.
MN: But enjoy the time you can with here, dont worry you wont regret that you werent there at her passing, you will just hate getting calls at 4:00 in the morning. And with that I must be off. Look into the red dot me off 99.
m99: Ok, thank you.
MN: Your welcome.
(MIB Neurolizer sound)
Paul: Francisco, you coming. We might have to run to make it.
m99: Yeah im coming, thats wierd I dont really remember what just happened.
Paul: Losing your memory already, not a good sign.
m99: Sue me (sticks out tongue).
M2008 Looks on somewhat troubled, having heard the conversation.

The End


Kristy said...

Very good baby...I loved it!! You are very talented!

Jenni said...

Francisco, that was good. I liked it. I'll keep checking this one out!

Francisco and Kristy said...

Thank you Jenni and thank you baby :). That certainly encourages me to post more.