Saturday, April 21, 2007

Off again On again

So my job was over 2 Thursday's ago. It was a bit of a sad day, but I have to admit I was looking forward to not work and just playing WoW all day long. :P
Then on Wednesday I get this call from one of my new friends, a girl that works there named Alyssa, and she tells me that Angie (my boss) wants me back for a few weeks. So imagine my shock when I just get settled into not working and sleeping in and I have to go back to not looking forward to Sunday evenings any more. Although when I did show up last Thursday most everyone in the office either squealed, jumped up and down, or smiled a radiant smile when they saw me. I have to admit that was an amazing feeling. I don't think I've ever worked in a place that was like that for me or the people I worked with.
So I am not looking forward to Sunday evening or Monday, but I know it's a really good thing to have a job and to save the money I've been earning. We now have money in our savings account as well as money in an ING Direct account. AND I'd like to announce we paid off our first loan! Yes it was the smallest one, but it is still an amazing accomplishment! We've had that loan (Francisco's ring payment, the one I bought for him) for over a year now and I'm so very, very happy to have it paid off finally!! Next to work on his the bill for my ring. That one is a bit bigger, but little bites and we'll soon only have my school loans left! I tell you though, I can't wait to have our credit card finally paid off. That thing is such a nuisance.
Today I spent all day with one of the lawyers in my office and her son's girlfriend at a Creative Memories scrap booking event. I've never seen the Creative Memories stuff nor have I spent all day with a bunch of women scrap booking. I didn't know if I'd like it, but I had a ton of fun! That and I have a wish list as long as my arm. It was very difficult not to buy everything. I did decide to get some organizational items. I figured I'd better get organized first and then buy all the papers and stickers I need/want.
Oh and in other good news remember those CSET tests I took? There were 3 of them and 2/3 I studied for but skipped over the math and science just, because I didn't want to stress myself into a frenzy that and I knew I could easily take it again. *drum roll plz* I passed 2/3 :D And only missed the math and science one by 18 points. I'd say that's pretty darn good for not studying!
Hmm any thing else? No babies for us yet, I think we decided a couple years. But I'm not sure if my mind, body, and heart will enjoy waiting that long. Though there is part of me that understands why we should.
Anyways....luvs to all.

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Sarah said...

Yeah! Congratulations on passing those 2 CSET tests!!! That's really exciting. Yeah also, for being able to work again some - that's great that they love you so much there. :) If you've got to work, that's a great environment to be in. :)